FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT... Collection of the Late, Great "GIANT JEFF" Jeffrey Scott Prager. The Greatest Giants Fan and Memorabalia Collector of All-Time.

We miss you Jeff!

Contents of the Boxes

Our goal is to someday see all of the items in the videos below (& many more of Jeff’s items) displayed publicly in a “brick & mortar” NY Giants Museum – If you know someone with this same goal, please have them contact us.

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 1 Library  Books on Frank Gifford (12) - Pete Gogolak (6) and Fran Tarkenton (17)  Video
 2  Library  Lawrence Taylor (LT) (8+1 Autographed) and Phil Simms (21+2) Autographed  Video
 3  Library  YA Title (10+3 autographed) & Other NY Giant Books (18+3 autographed)  Video
 4  Kitchen Box # 4 Video 1 of 2 - Cerial Boxes (10) Whole Flat Milk Cartons (8) Place Matts (5) Cut out milk cartons (3)   Video
4  Kitchen Box # 4 Video 2 of 2 - Cerial Boxes (4) Milk Cartons (3) Other Kitchen Items Tablecloth, Napkin, Dishes…(6)   Video
5 Kitchen Cerial Boxes (4) Milk Cartons (3) Other Kitchen Items Tablecloth, Napkin, Dishes…(6) Video
 6 Kyle Rote  Kyle Rote (30) Letters, Books, Photo's, Advertisements, Paper, Audio, Video...  Video 
 7 Christmas  A New York Giants Christmas! Christmas Tree Ornements etc.. (75)  Video
Kitchen Curio  Collector Plates from Super Bowl XXI and XXV, a Vintage Ash Tray, a Roosevelt Brown Plate, glass items, and a silver plates and bowl. (18) Video 

 Children's Toys

 Children's toys, Huddles, Snow Globes...(8) Video 
10  Christmas Santa Clause  Christmas Santa Clause Scultpure from the Danbury Mint   Video 
11   Locker Room Vintage NY Giant Gym Bags, Luggage, Portfolios, Super Bowl Bags from Super Bowl, XXI, XXII, XVI, XXV, XXXV, and a 1972 Tote Bag - (17) items  Video 
 12 Cafeteria 12 Vintage NY Giant Lunch Boxes  Video 
13   Bedroom  4 Sealed Mint and Vintage NY Giant Blankets  Video
 14  Locker Room One very rare 1969 NY Giant Dr. Style Gym Bag and 1 Super Bowl XLII Bag, filled with "Goodies"  Video
 15  Bar Forty Vintage Collectible Soda Pop Cans & other cans featuring New York Giant Football Players... Video
 16  Bedroom Sealed Vintage NY Giant Themed Pillow and 4 New York Giant themed Blankets  Video
 17 Library  33 Books - NY Giant Authors & Biographies - "How to watch Football on TV" ! Vintage and Autographs. Y.A. Tittle, Carl Banks, Ken Strong, Bill Parcells, Sam Huff, Andy Robustelli, Frank Gifford, Lawrence Taylor.  Video
 18 Library  26 more Collectible NY Giant Books - Some on NY Giant trivia and some NY Giant Authors & Bios  Video
 19  Library  26 more Collectible NY Giant Books  Video
 20  Library Sealed edition of "70 Years - NY Giants" in the original collectors box (1925-1994-70 years)  Video
 21  Bobble Heads 14 NY Giant Bobble Heads - (I apologize for not unwrapping all of these Bobble Heads fully for this video) There are more in other videos  Video
 22  Bobble Heads 3 vintage NY Giant Bobble Heads  Video
 23  Bobble Heads  17 Vintage NY Giant Bobble Heads  Video
 24  Audio & Video 47 Audio and Video Items, Mostly VHS Tapes in this box with a few cassettes and a TV Tape   Video
 25  Bedroom 20 NY Giant items that would be displayed in a Fan's Bedroom including a Rug, Bedding, Wall Décor, Door Knob sign...  Video
 26  Bathroom 16 Items that would be found in the Bathroom of a NY Giant Fanatic.   Video
 27  Bathroom  Vintage Material Wall Hanging / Rug and a collection of NY Giant Bath Towels  Video
 28  Bar  21 NY Giant themed Beer Keg Taps  Video
 29 Child's Room  31 NY Giant themed plush dolls including Beanie Babies, Plush, Snoopy, Flintstones...  Video
 30  Child's Room  26 NY Giant Themed Plush Dolls including Trolls and Teddy Bears.  Video
 31  Tail Gating  NY Giant Helmet Mugs and Serving bowl for the TV Room, Snack Time, or Tail Gaiting Video
 32  Child's Bedroom  This is only part of our "Caveman" or "1983 NFL Huddles" Collection. He is our NY Giant Man Cave Mascot!  Video
 33  Child's Bedroom  7 Plush Dolls wearing NY Giant Helmets - There's even a Puppet in here  Video
 34  Stadium 12 Seat Cushions including some very old leather ones, some from Super Bowl XXV and Super Bowl XXVII as well as some in their original packages.  Video
 35  Stadium 13 Seat Cushions, 1 one with a back support and a spring which appears to be used to adhere to a seat in a very old stadium (polo grounds?) other seat cushions include some from Super Bowl XXI, XXV, XXXVII, and one with an autograph.  Video
 36  Stadium  2 Seat Cushions from Super Bowl XXX and 2 from Super Bowl XXXV.  Video
 37  Stadium 8 Original Stadium Seat Cushions from Super Bowl XXI, Super Bowl XXV, Super Bowl XXX, and Super Bowl XXXV  Video
 38  Library 31 Vintage Books for the NY Giant Library. Some of these books are from 1960, 1963, Allie Sherman, Dave Klein, a 1st edition Super Bowl Comic Book, the NFL Draft and some are autographed.  Video
 39  Library Paper  Box # 39 Video 1 of 2 - There are 65 Paper Items including Media Guides from many years from 1973 to 2008 - Watch the video to see why Eli Manning might have had a personalized bottle of Crown Royal.  Video
 39  Library Paper  Box # 39 Video 2 of 2 - This video show Newspaper, Programs, Super Bowl limited edition items, autographs, commemorative books, Super Bowl Programs, Lawrence Taylor & other Autographs and UK+++ Great collectable NY Giant Paper!  Video
 40  Library Vintage Paper   Box # 40 Video 1 of 2 - 45 Items in the category of collectible vintage paper - Mostly Official NY Giant Yearbooks, you will have to watch to the end of this video to see the items from 1934, 1945, 1946 and 1948.  Video
 40  Library Vintage Paper   Box # 40 Video 2 of 2 - We found 1 more item and included it in box # 40 of vintage collectible paper.  Video
 41  Audio & Video  16 Reels of Vintage Film  Video
 42  Audio & Video 15 Reels of Vintage Film - Some of these Reels are from NFL Championship Games and some go as far back as 1938.  Video
 43  Audio & Video 31 Reels of Canned NY Giants Vintage Film including games from the 1950's and 1960's +++  Video
 44  Audio & Video Slides These 2,000 + Slides were used to create Football Cards for the Pacific Trading Card Company, Includes Negatives and Certificates of Authenticity  Video
 45  Office & Rosie Grier  NY Giants Themed Items that would go on an Executive's Desk or in an Office (including lots of calendars). This box also contains items pertaining to the famous past NY Giant player -- Rosie Grier.  Video
 45  Office & Rosie Grier  Box 45 - Video 2 of 2 - NY Giant Calendars in addition to the Rosie Grier and NY Giant Themed Office Suppies  Video
 46  Office Desk Supplies  Desk Supplies - Mouse Pads, Pens, Paper, Vintage NY Giant Book Covers  Video
 47  Bar Bottles to Display on a NY Giant's Themed Bar - Superbowl Champagne, Signed Bottles, Sam Huff YA Title..Hot Sauce, Gatorade.  Video
 48  Audio & Video & Paper Thermal Sideline Paper, Beta Tape, and 10 Vintage Boxed NY Giant Game Film from Oakland, Cleveland, 1962, 1969, 1955, 1953...  Video
 49  Sporting Goods Sporting Goods (Not Football) Bowling, Golf, Fishing, Frisbee, Darts, knife, 1960's Golf Tees, Golf Putter Head...  Video
 50  Bar NY Giant's Themed Bar -- Case of Wine. 11 Bottles of Legends Y.A Title Wine.  Video
 51  Sporting Goods Bowling Ball from Super Bowl XLII - Bowling Ball from Super Bowl XXI and a NY Giant Bicycle Helmet  Video
 52  Jackets & Coats  NY Giant's Jackets & Coats - Spider Lockhart's Sideline Jacket, NY Giants Jackets and Coats, Leather, Suede  Video
 53  Material  Sideline Vests (15) Jerseys (10) Shorts, Aprons, Socks, Ties, Scarves, some autographed some game worn  Video

 Sculptures, Bobble Heads


Kissing NY Giant Boy & Girl Bobble Heads, Vintage NY Giant Sculptures, Vintage NY Giant Player Toys and toys in their original packaging.  Video
 55  Jackets and Coats Jackets, Coats, Sweatshirts, Original Uniform from Giants Stadium , Super Bowl XLII Leather Bling Jacket, Super Bowl XXV Jacket, Player # 75's Jacket, Great old child's NY Giant Jacket from the 60's  Video
 56  Bar These items could be displayed on a NY themed bar and include a 1960 NY Giants Ash Tray, Hildick Brandy Sign, Serving Trays, Knickerbocker Beer Coasters, Table Tents..V  Video
 57  Lawrence Taylor Lawrence Taylor Collector Plates and Lawrence Taylor Sculptures including artist proofs, signed pieces, certificates of authenticity...  Video
 58  Jackets and Coats  We found 3 more Jackets and Coats in addition to box 56 above.   Video
 59  Serving Bowl  Serving Bowl  Video
 60  Paper Collectible vintage paper on famous NY Giants Players including; Mark Bavaro (6) - Dick Nolan (4), YA Title (30), Frank Gifford(26), Eli Manning (15), Phil Simms (12), Fran Tarkenton (10), Sam Huff (7+)  Video
 60  Paper  Box # 60 - Video 2 of 8 Features Sam Huff.   Video
 60  Paper  Box # 60 - Video 3 of 8 Features Eli Manning   Video
 60  Paper  Box # 60 - Video 4 of 8 Features Phil Simms  Video
 60   Paper  Box # 60 - Video 5 of 5 Features Fran Tarkenton and Mark Bavaro   Video
 60  Paper  Box # 60 - Video 6 of 8 Features Y. A. Title  Video
 60  Paper   Box # 60 - Video 7 of 8 Features Dick Nolan & Y. A. Title (Smoking Advertisements)  Video
 60  Paper  Box # 60 - Video 8 of 8 Features Frank Gifford & Dick Nolan   Video

 Lawrence Taylor 

Collectible items pertaining to Lawrence Taylor – Mostly LT on the Cover of Magazines and some Vintage Paper.  Video
 62  Paper Video 1 of 3 for Box # 62 - Vintage Paper Old Programs (13*) Ken Strong telegrams, photos, program (24) Vintage Programs (31) GameBill Programs (40)  Video
 62  Paper Video 2 of 3 for Box # 62 - Vintage Paper Old Programs (13*) Ken Strong telegrams, photos, program (24) Vintage Programs (31) GameBill Programs (40)  Video
 62  Paper Video 3 of 3 for Box # 62 - Vintage Paper Old Programs (13*) Ken Strong telegrams, photos, program (24) Vintage Programs (31) GameBill Programs (40)  Video
 63  Nespaper Video 1 of 3 for Box # 63 - Vintage Newspaper pertaining to the NY Giants on October 27, 1922 / December 7, 1959 / December 16, 1963 / October 4, 1959  Video
 63  Newspaper Video 2 of 3 for Box # 63 - NY Times Leather Edition book including every NY Giants article every published  Video
 63  Newspaper Video 3 of 3 for Box # 63 - Original Printing Plates for the 2008 Super Bowl newspaper cover featuring Eli Manning  Video
 64  Paper Video 1 of 6 for Box # 64 - Features Collectible Paper from Giants Stadiums    Video
 64  Paper Video 2 of 6 for Box # 64 - Paper - Advertisements  Video
 64  Paper Video 3 of 6 for Box # 64 - NY (Giant) Programs, Ticket stubbs, Autographs  Video
 64  Paper Video 4 of 6 for Box # 64 - Paper TV Guides and Vintage Sports Magazines  Video
 64  Paper Video 5 of 6 for Box # 64 - Paper Featuring the Jaycee Classic Giants Games  Video
 64  Paper Video 6 of 6 for Box # 64 - Paper Featuring the Football Hall of Fame  Video
 65  Lighting

Vintage Full Size NY Giants Lamp Helmet 

 66  Lighting Vintage Child's Size Ny Giants Helmet Lamp   Video
 67  Lighting Vintage Full Size Lamp Helmet - Turf Mountain - 1975  Full size NY Giants   Video

 Stadium (& Misc.)

1929 Stadium Seat Pedestal, Wall Clock, Toy Car in Package and Tonka 1983 Player  Video
 69  Sculptures Video 1 of 3 for Box # 69 Features 1 Vintage NY Giants Figurine / Sculpture  Video
 69  Sculptures Video 2 of 3 for Box # 69 Features Sculptures/Figurines/Models of Disney's Donald Duck & Goofey - Tazmanian Devil, Proof Sculptures, Model of Stadium  Video
 69  Sculptures Video 3 of 3 for Box # 69 Features Limited Edition Sculptures including Hall of Fame Game, Tiki Barber, Michael Strahan..  Video
 70  Lighting  Rare Vintage NY Giant Themed Lamps, Candles and NY Giants Illuminations  Video
 71  Lighting Vintage NY Giant Night Lights and Desk Lamps  Video
 72  Sculptures Rare Sculptures from the Danbury Mint, Starting Lineup, Macfarlane - Includes; Phil Simms, Stadium, Sealed Vintage Figurine Toys...  Video
 73  Lighting  Lamp Helmet - 1/2 size, vintage, mint  Video
 74  Scluptures Features Figurines/Sculptures/Bobble Heads of Jeremy Shockey #80 and Phil Simms #11 - Starting Line Up - Micro Stars  Video
 75  Lighting Riddell Full Size NY Giants Lamp Helmet  Video
 76  Vintage Sign  Vintage street sign - "New York Giants Way"  Video
 77  Vintage Eclectic Eclectic collection of vintage NY Giant items - Russian Stacking Dolls, Transistor Radio, Stadium Mega Phones, Kyle Rote Shaving Creme Kit, Whomp It Toy...,  Video
 78  Vintage Eclectic Russian Staking Dolls, 1920's NY Giants Doll, Scrambling Quarter Back, Vintage Ash Tray, Toy, Legendary Sports Announcer Al Wester's Trophy Football Bag, Toys, 1961 cut out, Stadium opening day 1976, Doll Uniforms...  Video
 79  Footballs Footballs - Some Signed by whole team, Autographs, Hall of Fame, Game Balls, Super Bowl Balls, & Novelty Footballs  Video
 80  Footballs 1991 Super Bowl Football, OJ Anderson Autograph, Phil Simms, Giants, Official Game Balls, Display Footballs…  Video
 81  Footballs  Mara, Buddy Ryan, Team, Gifford, Tittle, Tarkenton, Polo Grounds...  Video
 82  Footballs Official NY Giant's Team Bag with lots of Footballs - Super Bowl, Autographs, Broncos, AFL, Arena, Simms, Novelty, Stump Mitchell  Video
 83  Footballs Footballs - Gifford, Rote, Robestelli, Polo, AFL, Vintage...  Video
 84  Footballs 1947 yellow team signed Duke Football with certificate and a Frank Gifford with package and pump + 6 novelty footballs  Video
 85  Bar Glasses Box # 85 - Video 1 of 2 - Drinking Glasses that were distributed by Shell Gas Stations as Premiums in 1959 and 1960 - Sam Huff, Kyle Rote, Frank Gifford...   Video
 85  Bar Glasses Box # 85 -Video 2 of 2 Features a set of 5 NY Giants Drinking Glasses C 1950s  Video
 86  Bar Glasses NY Giant Themed Bar Drinking Glasses - 11 Smoked Color Vintage, 6 with a wave bottom and 4 ribbed bottom and 1 tumbler  Video
 87  Bar Glasses Vintage NY Giant Drinking Glasses – a set from the 1960's Burgundy and Gold color and Libbey brand.  Video
 88  Bar Glass Beer Mugs Glass Beer Mugs from from Super Bowl XXI and a Super Bowl XXI Bag.  Video
 89  Bar Glasses Box # 89 - Video 1 of 2 - Vintage NY Giant Drinking Glasses, Coffee Mugs....  Video
 89  Bar Glasses Box # 89 - Video 2 of 2 - Super Bowl 35 XXXV - Glasses, Mugs, Cups...   Video
 90  Bar Glasses Very Rare Vintage set of 19 Matching White Glass Beer Mugs with NY Giant Helmet, C 1960's.  Video
 91  Bar Glasses Box # 91 Video 1 of 2 - Some of the Glasses in box # 90 couldn't fit with all the protective wrapping so we packed them in box #91   Video
 91  Bar Glasses Box # 91 Video 2 of 2 - A Dozen Collectible NY Giant Shot Glasses  Video
 92  Bar Glasses Box # 92 - Video 1 of 2 - Bar Glasses - Dick Modzelewski, Frank Gifford, Super Bowl XXV...  Video
 92  Bar Glasses  Box # 92-Video 2 of 2-Super Bowl XXV and XXXV & other Tailgating Cups    Video
 93  Bar Glasses Super Bowl XXV and XXI Coffee Cups, Beer Mugs, Bar Drinking Glasses...  Video
 94  Bar Glasses Video 1 of 2 for Box # 94 shows Smoked Color Bar Glasses that are Rounded and havve the NFL and NY Giants logo's - C 1960's  Video
 94  Bar Glasses Video 2 of 2 for Box # 94 shows 3 more NY Giant Bar Glasses that we added.   Video
 95.1  Bar Glasses Set of 8 Vintage Matching Pilsner Style NY Giants Beer Glasses  Video
 95.2  Bar Glasses Box 95.2 - Video 1 of 2 features 10 matching NY Giants bar drinking glasses that were originally obtained via a premium from Mobil Gas Stations.  Video
 95.2  Bar Glasses Box 95.2 - Video 2 of 2 features 5 matching NY Giants drinking glasses with NFL Logo  Video
 95.3  Bar Glasses Heavy Glass Beer Mugs, some from Monday Night Game parties in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe  Video
 95.4  Bar Glasses Four (4) more NY Giants Themed Bar Drinking Glasses   Video
 95.5  Bar Glasses Set of 10 Coca Cola - NY Giants Drinking Glasses  Video
 96  Coffee Bar Box 96 - Video 1 of 4 - NY Giants Coffee Mugs  Video
 96  Coffee Bar Box 96 - Video 2 of 4 - NY Giants Coffee Mugs Video 
 96  Coffee Bar Box 96 - Video 3 of 4 - NY Giants Coffee Mugs  Video
 96  Coffee Bar Box 96 - Video 4 of 4 - NY Giants Coffee Mugs Video 
 97.1  Ceramic Helmets Box 97 - Video 1 of 2 - Ceramic Helmets - Coin Banks, Bottle Openers, Signed Video 
 97.2  Bobble Heads Box 97 - Video 2 of 2 - Nodders from 1962 - Bobble Heads   Video
 98  Display Helmets 23 smaller than regulation display NY Giants Football Helmets - Mostly Boxed - and some are Autographed, Superbowl XXV, Limited Editions, Gold Plated…. Video 
 99 Children's Kitchen Looney Tunes Character Tasmanian Devil Salt & Pepper Shakers, Giants Baby Bottle, Cereal Bowl... Video 
 100  Helmets - Plastic Plastic NY Giants Display Helmets that are Coin Banks, Gumball Dispensers, Serving Bowls, Displays, Push Pins... Video 
 101  Helmet Superbowl XXV NY Giants Helmet with Certificate of Authenticity  Video
 102  Field Playing Gear NY Giants Game Worn Shoes - Document confirming worn by Charles Way 1997 Video 
 103  Field Playing Gear 4 NY Giants Helmets including an old White Leather Helmet, NY, Worn...    Video
 104  Field Playing Gear Game Worn Pants, Ken Strong Leather Shoulder Pads, Orginal boxes, Andy Robestelli blocking Shields, Sam Huff Tackle Trainer box, Ali Sherman Autographed Shoulder Pads, Gloves Video 
 105  Field Playing Gear 3 "NY" Giants Helmets - Ridell, Youth, Display, 1 in 1978 Box  Video 
 106  Field Playing Gear 8 Youth Size NY Giants Helmets, Some Display Only, Frank Gifford...   Video 
 107  Field Playing Gear  Helmets - Vintage Youth Size - Jim Patton - Kyle Rote -  Video 
 108  Helmets Tiny Plastic Collectables Helmets - Vintage, Ridell Smoking Pipes, Helmets, Super Bowl XXI, and XXV, Bottle Top, Original package, IHOP.... Video 
 109  Model Vehicles  Video 1 of 3 for Box # 109 -Scaled NY Giants Themed Models - Danbury Truck  Video
 109  Model Vehicles   Video 2 of 3 for Box # 109 - Scaled NY Giants Themed Models - Tail Gaiting & Team Car  Video
 109  Model Vehicles  Video 3 of 3 for Box # 109 - Scaled NY Giants Themed Models, Trucks, Cars, Busses, Aircraft…. Video 
 110  Model Vehicles Video 1 of 2 for Box # 110 - Ccaled NY Giants Ground Vehicles Video  
 110  Model Vehicles Video 2 of 2 for Box # 110 - Ccaled NY Giants Aircraft Vehicles  Video
 111  Hats Video 1 of 2 for Box # 111 - Mostly never worn Baseball Style Giants Hats - some autographed, some unique hats.. Video 
 111  Hats   Video 2 of 2 for Box # 111 - Mostly never worn Baseball Style Giants Hats Video 
 112  Hats NY Giants Hats - some autographed, mostly new baseball cap style, some vintage, other varieties of NY Giants Hats, Lawrence Taylor....  Video

 Game Room

Vintage Football Board Games with some very special items including original printing plate for instructions, Tom Hamilton, Kyle Rote  Video 
 114  Game Room   Vintage NY Giants Jigsaw Puzzles including a signature Phil Simms, Redskin and Jet games, Meadowlands... Video 
 115  Garments  Garments - 9/11 Tribute, London Game, Super Bowl XXV and XLII, Hall of Fame Game, & a set that appears to be official team practice shirts and shorts Video 
 116  Hats Video 1 of 2 for Box # 116 - So many great hats - a winter wool cap from the 60's, a real Hard Hat, a vintage fishing hat plus a ton of Baseball style caps...   Video
 116  Hats Video 2 of 2 for Box # 116 - Mostly Mint Vintage Baseball Style Giants Hats - some autographed, some unique hats..  Video
 117  Storage Trunk Just 1 Item on this Video - Vintage Storage Trunk-for travel or for kids toys or ?  Video 
 118  Game Room Video 1 of 3 for Box # 118 highlights 32 items - some board games but mostly small travel size games like Pez, Kazoo, those old cafeteria table football flickers, jigsaw puzzles, yo-yo...  Video
 118  Game Room Video 2 of 3 for Box # 118 highlights Sam Huff Giant Sized Football Game, Vintage Board Games, and a Super Bowl XXV Collection Video 
 118  Game Room

Video 3 of 3 for Box # 118 highlights 2 Vintage Board Games - Ward Cuff's game from 1938

 119  Hall of Fame Original Roosevelt Brown Item that was displayed in the Football Hall of Fame  Video
 120  Stadium Gear Official Goal Line Markers from Giants Stadium  Video
 121  Hall of Fame 2 Trophies that were presented to Roosevelt Brown 1 in 1965 and 1 in 1991 Video 
 122  Game Room Vintage NY Giants Cork Board with Helmet Push Pins   Video
 123  Game Room Vintage Metal Super Bowl Electric Football Game Video 
 124  Hall of Fame Roosevelt Brown Plaque & Certificate - City of Canton, and one from 1973 Video 
 125  Bar Glasses Collection of Steins, Large Beer Mugs... Super Bowl XXV, Dave Brown, slimjim Video