FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT... Collection of the Late, Great "GIANT JEFF" Jeffrey Scott Prager. The Greatest Giants Fan and Memorabalia Collector of All-Time.

We miss you Jeff!


There are no single items to buy or sell on this site. This site is here for the enjoyment of all true, blue, New York Giants fans and sports memorabilia collectors. This site also honors my brother, the late, great, “Giant Jeff” Jeffrey Scott Prager (June 1961 – June 2010.) Jeff was quite possibly the World’s Greatest NY Giants fan, memorabilia collector and friend of the team.


This site features Giant Jeff’s life’s work. He amassed what is quite possibly the world’s largest collection of NY Giants sports memorabilia. Ever since we were kids growing up in New Jersey, Jeff’s dream was to open and host a New York Giants Collectibles Museum. Jeff became close friends with many of the Giants players and staff over the years and spent more than 40 of his years collecting memorabilia. Sadly, Jeff’s life was cut short in 2010. In an effort to honor Jeff’s dream to the best of my abilities, I’ve spent the past year sorting through his massive collection and built this site which features videos of over 7,000 of his items, everything from game-worn cleats and helmets to pennants and trash cans. If it had a Giants logo on it, Jeff probably owned at least one of them. In addition to these items, Jeff also has what is probably the world’s largest collection of Giants football cards and pins.


I have no intentions of breaking up any part Jeff’s amazing collection, however if you share Jeff's passion for the NY Giants and wish to acquire the entire collection (preferably for public display,) please feel free to contact me.


So watch the videos, visit the links, and feel free to leave any comments or to contact me with any questions. Sorry I didn’t categorize everything. That probably would have taken me another six months.


Mitch Prager