FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT... Collection of the Late, Great "GIANT JEFF" Jeffrey Scott Prager. The Greatest Giants Fan and Memorabalia Collector of All-Time.

We miss you Jeff!

jeff watching giants game circa 1964REMEMBERING “GIANT JEFF”

Jeffrey Scott Prager                       Photo Gallery


Born June 13, 1961, Jeff Prager “Giant Jeff” was known by many players and others in the industry as the world’s greatest New York Giants Fan and Collector of New York Giants Sports Memorabilia. Jeff’s dream since a child growing up in New Jersey was to open and host a New York Giants Collectibles Museum. Jeff never married and never had children, so besides work, he invested his life’s time, energy, and attention in an effort to experience as many NY Giants Football Games and events as possible and to acquire any and all suitable NY Giants Memorabilia to display in his Museum. Jeff collected NY Giants memorabilia from the time he was a child in early 1960’s until the time he passed at age 49 in 2010. If it has a Giants logo on it, Jeff probably owned at least one. He acquired and preserved more than seven thousand items, not even including his perhaps world’s largest collection of NY Giants Football cards and pins.


Jeff’s early passing left his brother Mitch Prager with the daunting task of sorting through this massive collection and trying to turn Jeff’s dream into a reality. Mitch says “Our goal was to have these 7,000 plus NY Giants treasures available for all fans to see, although this is an ideal collection for someone out there with my brother’s passion, and especially for someone wanting to open a ‘brick and mortar’ museum.” This virtual museum honors Jeff and provides over 240 videos so visitors can take a virtual tour of Jeff Prager’s collection.


In addition to the videos, the website features hundreds of photographs of Jeff with various NY Giants players and staff he befriended including Eli Manning, Wellington Mara, Michael Strahan, Phil Simms, and Fran Tarkenton. He also became very close to the team through his profession as audio visual consultant. The Giants were a client of his and he became close with the Giants video director. He also set up many of the theatre systems in the players’ homes. The Giants were his life and Jeff never missed a game, preferring to fly to be there in person whenever possible, and with such big name player friends and other good friends in the league, Jeff spent many of these games on the sidelines with the team.


Jeff’s online obituary contains an entry from the Video Director of the NY Giants as well as several others who knew Jeff’s passion for the NY Giants. Jeff was featured in a 1997 Sports Collector’s Digest article and they did a follow up story in 2011 which you can find here.